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Bob Marley on the Radio

I like reggae because I grew up with it on the islands.* It reminds me of the sun shinning on my brown arms. Skin getting browner by the minute because of the moist heat. Green trees and their leaves hang everywhere as if trying to give shades to the natives, but we are all still the color of dark molasses, and always shiny. 

Cars drive by slowly on my busy block with their windows down,  their beats overlapping with the radio of the corner store, Monty's, playing Bob Marley, "I shot the sheriff..."

I sit on my porch, drinking watered down Coke from the ice that's melted quickly from the warm blanket heat, and wait for my mom to come home from her job as a tour guide to tourists who think this island, this place we call home, is exotic and strange. 

*Prompt used from a ForWord Session. The first line was not mine.

My Future's so Bright

We were sitting on the porch overlooking the city. Our house came up against the edge of the mountain. The view, a thousand twinkling lights in the night sky like lighters at a concert asking for an encore."I see my future way brighter than it will probably be. Sometimes when I look toward the horizon the light is so bright I have to turn away," I paused and looked out into the warm night air, "I have to squint to make sure I don't go blind, you know?"I licked my lips, unsure, and turned to look at him. His arms were hugged around his calves as if he was cold on this swampy summer night even though he was wearing jeans cut off at the knee."Well, can't you just wear shades?" he asked.

Two Weeks Late and a Dollar Short

It's been two weeks and I have neglected my dear blog. During the two most eventful weeks of my life, I found myself the most disconnected from the world, with only infrequent contact with those nearest and dearest to my heart. The only constant was perhaps my trusty camera which was there to document everything, when my words couldn't