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Super Secret Single Behavior

This weekend I was on  my own, and I noticed two things.
1. My house feels empty with just me and the pets.
2. My house feels empty with just me and the pets.

Now, I know those two things are the same, but they mean very different things. See, my house never felt empty to me when I lived by myself, and now, it feels empty as if something was missing. Even Sami, the dog, looked around wandering what was missing before jumping into my arms and snuggling down for a nap.

On the other hand, the emptiness felt lovely. Things I had done before living with someone came back to me. Things like lounging in bed longer than usual, not cleaning the kitchen immediately after eating, staying in pajamas, not washing my hair for two days, going to the bathroom with the door open, not brushing my teeth immediately after waking up, and simply just melting into the couch, watching all my shows I never get to watch and becoming a part of the couch for an evening. (For the record I blame this on the cold f…

Rough and New

her Voice was like
a warm blanket in
a cold room

soothing as it
surrounded me cuddling
against her

Voice calms me in this
white, sterile, space
where she

comforts me even
after I press buttons

play click
rewind click
play click

on the tape with her