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a rose is a rose is a rose

Yesterday as I was dusting I smiled as I came across two glass bottles, one green, one translucent, that have been with me since I was fifteen. They have moved with me from place to place, carefully wrapped in numerous pages of newspaper, so they wouldn't break. Each time I unpacked them I looked at them and smiled because they are filled with memories. I forget about them from time to time, but when I remember them for more than just a decoration, I remember petal by petal what sits inside of them, and why I've kept them for so long.

Their story began as a simple one. Two empty bottles that were given to me and at the time I had no clue what to do with them. I was fifteen after all. At that age I remember a friend of mine that seemed to be in constant dance with a new boyfriend, each that was ever so generous to buy dozens of roses for her. I had never received a dozen roses at that age, and I was always surprised by them. She was that girl though. The girl you give flowers to…

shakespeare in love

the first part of the summer that i had hoped would be a little more relaxing has been swallowed whole by shakespeare. his stories of characters such as lady macbeth, or helena tricking her husband into consummating their marriage have inundated my thoughts.

the interesting portions of the discussions that so far i have found differ from my other classes is that they try to apply these plays themes to modern day. some i have a difficult time looking at seriously but others that my professor and classmates have made have had an impact. 
one thing that we discussed at length yesterday was the certainty of uncertainty. we all know this but discussing it becomes sort of a certain hammer of uncertainty on your mind as you mull everything over that you are uncertain about in your life. then you realize that most of your life is a giant uncertainty, and i suppose as long as you don't go macbeth on people to try to make that uncertainty more certain you're okay, but yeah, still. shiftin…

Mas y Mas

Neon Desert Music Festival
Girl in a Coma; Blake
Bass accompanied raspy voice that I will now love
Sun, 80's neon wayfarer every way I look
Eddie Munster clad Paisa, Centeno, and a green Diego
Zech Marquise going on and on; Me, Norma, and hipsters waiting for a beer
Giant can, so thirsty.
Mis Amigos Invisibles are next, and I dance
Dirty Vegas a whisper on my lips as neon necklaces fly through the air
and a raver kid hula hoops with neon stylo
Mas y mas yo quiero a Kinky! I yell and I jump and I sing, those girls!
CSS; Alala alala
Hey can I hit that?
MSTRKRFT drop drop drop the bass and I dance and dance and my feet keep moving
Omar Rodriguez in the grass as I sit back, feet stop moving
Where? Here! Donde? Aqui! Aqui al lado! In the middle of the grass!
My stomach remembers hungry. We're all hungry. Nachos and a cold beer? Tap Tap Tap
Talk of fingers, god, and trips. Cold beer. Comfortable chair.
Thank you, mijo.