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Ten Things

1. Steps walked:  87,751
2. Visited cities: 2
3. Days I've been without my dogs and husband: 10
4. Words written: 7000
5. Times I missed spicy food: 5
6. Beers: 10
7. Books read: 1
8. Tours taken: 2
9. What's App Messages: 5064
10. Stared out the window wondering what to write: unknown

I Don't Want to Talk About Trump

Because if I do, I get angry. And not that brief wave that can be dismissed with a roll of the eye, it's that deep flash I get when someone cuts me off, and I yell from my car and wave my middle finger in the air, and suddenly feel blind with rage. I don't know what I would do if one of his racists cult followers yelled something at me. I don't think I would be able to take the high road as many of the people we see on social media videos have done. 
I don't want to talk about Trump, because if I do, I start to feel like there is no goodness left in the world. Because if you see the news a 91-year-old man just got beat by a brick by a woman and was told to "go back to your country. While Trump did not make people racists, that's always been around, he gave them a disgusting platform that excuses their behavior. A black man can't wear socks to the pool without a woman calling the police. You know those sock bombs are awfully dangerous, or maybe he was going…