Friday, April 18, 2014

The Process: Writing Process Blog Tour

I had never heard of the Writing Process Blog Tour until Lacy Mayberry, writer, friend, and fellow BorderSenses member tagged me in it. (She asked first.) I read the post on her blog (check it out here) The Hurl and Gliding about a week ago, because I wasn't certain what I was supposed to write. I read about her process and wondered, what the hell is my process? I've never put much thought into my process, so it took me a moment to consider what my habits and quirks were. So, here it goes.

What am I working on?
Nothing and everything. I'm trying to finish my memoir, Por Un Amor, which consists of several short stories, poems, and flash fiction about my grandmother. My goal it to finish soon. I keep putting off the finishing date, partly because life keeps getting in the way and partly because the book has become a part of me. I have two to three pieces I want to add then I'm done. Many of the pieces have been published recently, so I think it's time. I like to imagine it's my Ita giving me a kick in the butt.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Hmm.... How does it differ? I believe it differs in the stories. So far, each one is a story from my life, the stories that make up who I am. Everyone's different therefore mine are different because they're mine. Yeah, that's it. (Thank you, crazy family for giving me stories to write).

Why do I write what I do?
I first began writing fiction, which following this book I hope to continue with. I write nonfiction and fiction though, because I believe stories bubble up to the surface. Fictional ideas, real stories they bubble up and either they're the stories I repeat and tell or they keep floating up to the forefront of my mind. Lately, I've had an idea about a girl who rips pages out of books and keeps them. I still haven't figured out why or what she does with them, but she keeps appearing. I'm hoping she'll tell me soon.

How does your writing process work?
This is the part I had to put some thought into. I'm a binge writer. I know many people say the secret of good writing is doing it everyday, diligently, until the writing is sculpted into perfection. I write small bits at a time. I need to right setting though. I need the perfect balance of background noise. I need a comfortable seat. I prefer booths. I wish I had a booth at home. When I have these things I will write for hours, hitting backspace, typing, typing, hitting back space, until I think it is perfect. The waitstaff at several Village Inn know me from my long stays. I tip well and cash out if their shift is over though, so they don't mind. (At least I hope not!) I keep a journal I hand write snippets in. I have also began pasting in things I think are interesting like photos, scraps of paper, stickers. If I write nothing I try to be faithful to this blog and post at least once a week. Last, and how I began to write, is listening to people speaking. I like to write down their conversations and sometimes use tidbits of them later. People say the strangest things when they think no one is listening.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Blog: 32 Things I've Learned So Far

1. Priorities change as you get older.
2. Family is important and although I tell myself not to take them for granted I sometimes still do, but what's important is I try.
3. Make plans, lots of plans all the time to give yourself something to laugh about later.
4. One good drink is better than ten bad ones.
5. Beer can be good. Bud Light is not one of those beers. Ever.
6.  BFF's are the ones that change/grow with you. Not every person who was a BFF will stay one. That's okay too; you were in each others lives when you needed to be.
7. Smart beats hot. Every time.
8. Being around negative people is like licking a sick person's hand. It's contagious. Stay away.
9. Patience. Patience. Patience. (I'm still learning that one).
10. Life can continue without that MarcKheil'sChanelSevenChantelleDior thing. It can. Really.
11. If you can't have a conversation. Take the hint.
12. It's okay to cry. A lot.
13. Music. Music that you love that you feel in your bones. Listen to that. The rest can go in the trash.
14. Go to the gym, but listen to your body.
15. Hair grows back.
16.Your throat is big enough to swallow your pride. You won't choke, and sometimes the end result is what you wanted.
17. Say I'm sorry, but don't be a doormat.
18. If people want you in their lives they make an effort too. Every relationship takes work. That means friendships too.
19. If you find someone you can just be silent with. Keep them.
20. The fun is not worth the next day.
21. Don't work somewhere you hate for too long. You'll turn into the people you made fun of  in the beginning.
22. Stand up for yourself. Even if it hurts.
23. Learn how to change a tire.
24. Don't over tweeze your eyebrows. You look older, and no one likes frowny faces for eyebrows.
25. Some dogs are okay. When I say some I mean, Sami.
26. Cook. A lot.
27. If shoes hurt don't wear them. It's that simple.
28. Friends will accept you. Flaws and all.
29. Friends can become family, but family will always be family.
30. Moisturize. Wear sunscreen.
31. Less make-up is better. Everyone can see your cake face. Oh, and the line against your jaw line also.
32. Getting older is scary, but laugh even when you're on the floor flat on your back unable to move.