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2015 Thanksgiving Thanks

I am thankful for...
1.  My new dog Faustino who has warmed my heart towards pets again after saying goodbye to my beautiful Drew-b this year. 
2. My husband who supports me through every crazy idea I have and won't mind that Faustino the dog came before him on this list. 
3. My sister/mom who is/are a pain in the ass and likes to fight with but can't stay mad at me too long. 
4. My uncle who texts me every morning to say good-morning even when he knows I'll be sleeping. 
5. My lovely small  but close knit group of friends who don't let lapses in time and/or distance change our friendships. 
6. My job. I worked very hard. It showed me that patience and my stubbornness paid off. I have felt a little lost this semester because I got so used to having a bone to chew on, but I will learn to have a new goal. 
7. I'm thankful for goals. 
8. My time off that I will use to brush the cobwebs off my writing brain. 
9. The stack of books that have been patiently waiting on my nightsta…

A Red and Orange Kite

Last night after a long [insert slew of obscenities here] day, I went to yoga. I almost didn't go. The warm comfort of pets, my home, and the couch seductively called to me as I sat in a sea of red lights and traffic. They were both so tempting that I almost escaped the highway three exits sooner, but I stayed strong. I gave myself a pep talk on the benefits of losing myself in my Utkatasana's, Virabhadrasana II,and Savasana's.
As I sat in the car, repeating the benefits of attending, the day kept butting in and replaying itself like a short film on a loop. I spent most it angry and/or frustrated. When I was younger, anger always served as a fuel for me, but not as I've grown older it just drains me to the points of exhaustion. I am a shell of myself even as I smile and make small talk with the people around me. Today, in fact, I am shell. I am a browned husk floating around campus berating myself for losing my temper. At moments like these, I am thankful for my retail …