Thursday, May 19, 2011

shakespeare in love

the first part of the summer that i had hoped would be a little more relaxing has been swallowed whole by shakespeare. his stories of characters such as lady macbeth, or helena tricking her husband into consummating their marriage have inundated my thoughts.

the interesting portions of the discussions that so far i have found differ from my other classes is that they try to apply these plays themes to modern day. some i have a difficult time looking at seriously but others that my professor and classmates have made have had an impact. 

one thing that we discussed at length yesterday was the certainty of uncertainty. we all know this but discussing it becomes sort of a certain hammer of uncertainty on your mind as you mull everything over that you are uncertain about in your life. then you realize that most of your life is a giant uncertainty, and i suppose as long as you don't go macbeth on people to try to make that uncertainty more certain you're okay, but yeah, still. shifting ground can be a little trying. 

the other topic that we discussed at length is the relation of youth and virginity and death. how do these relate you might think? well its not quite simple because we spoke about it for about three hours, but as in the previous paragraph we applied general current thoughts about those three things. if you aren't a virgin are you a whore? if you embrace your sexuality is that something that should be admonished? or on the flip side is the idea of virginity and youth two synonymous things? 

at this point i'm not sure and still want to mull over. but i suppose that i simply wanted to share these interesting discussions i've had the couple days. shakespeare indeed....

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