Monday, May 2, 2011

Mas y Mas

Neon Desert Music Festival
Girl in a Coma; Blake
Bass accompanied raspy voice that I will now love
Sun, 80's neon wayfarer every way I look
Eddie Munster clad Paisa, Centeno, and a green Diego
Zech Marquise going on and on; Me, Norma, and hipsters waiting for a beer
Giant can, so thirsty.
Mis Amigos Invisibles are next, and I dance
Dirty Vegas a whisper on my lips as neon necklaces fly through the air
and a raver kid hula hoops with neon stylo
Mas y mas yo quiero a Kinky! I yell and I jump and I sing, those girls!
CSS; Alala alala
Hey can I hit that?
MSTRKRFT drop drop drop the bass and I dance and dance and my feet keep moving
Omar Rodriguez in the grass as I sit back, feet stop moving
Where? Here! Donde? Aqui! Aqui al lado! In the middle of the grass!
My stomach remembers hungry. We're all hungry. Nachos and a cold beer? Tap Tap Tap
Talk of fingers, god, and trips. Cold beer. Comfortable chair.
Thank you, mijo.

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