Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closing thoughts for 2011

Superstition dictates that wearing red should bring me luck for 2012. Red heels it is

Small gestures are sweet but its the grand ones that make the most impact and leave no room for words

If you think about where you thought you'd be this time last year and it's a little different than where you'd thought you'd be well then, it might not be a bad thing.

Roomies fo' life

Stepping stones are useful.

Beergarita te quiero or is it te amo? quien sabe! ;)

The friends you've had the longest are the ones that are most likely to keep sticking around. They've put up with you for this long haven't they?

If love is fickle then perhaps it wasn't really love, but all those other words we mistake for it. Lust, need, sex etc.

Moments are great, but great moments are better.

Just because you know the right decision doesn't mean you'll always make it. I continuously fail at this.

If new friends and those old friends get along well, you can be pretty sure that those new friends were simply lost and are glad to be found.

Hugs  and/or cuddling is not bad. Repeat. Hugs  and/or cuddling is not bad. Roboto ways shed.

Travel buddies need to be chosen carefully

Having little monkey arms wrapped around my neck to almost a painful point is still pretty sweet.

Comfort zone? What comfort zone? Oh, shit yeah that comfort zone...dang I thought I'd lost that.

Candle light is the best light

I want more mornings tangled with sheets and arms and legs and sunlight streaming into sleepy eyes

 Meals, ahh, well its been a great year for meals filled with laughter and more laughter.

Confucius said what?

Standing on your own is great, but having the strength to let someone stand with you is courage.

Once the admiration fades the cracks and creases become glaringly bright

London, Paris, I'll take London any day

When the liberty bell cracked they didn't deem it broken they still appreciated it for its awesomeness.
I too am awesome.

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