Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Quirks.

the quirks that individualize us. 

a beat tapped, wrapped around from index to pinky finger, as if playing the piano on a table, or counter, or ....

the grin, that says everything from extreme happiness to extreme uncomfortable-ness. all teeth showing in their pearly lacquer for the world to read

the shake. the quick shake of a head where fringed bangs dance and disheveled hair is styled

the open hand. the gesture where a pink open palm means anything from "I don't know" to "Whatever you want."

the reiterateor. when silence settles whether uncomfortable or not, he speaks, and speaks again of the same things to fill the space in between

tiny bits of paper. that are eaten in between deep thoughts and conversation, balled up and inserted into the mouth mid word or sentence as if eating paper was the most natural thing.

the smirk. the one that falls upon her lips when she is certain she is right, head slightly raised daring to be proven wrong. 

deer in headlights. the look whenever he is caught in a conversation he does not want to be in. it is deceivingly welcoming. 

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