Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If These Blogs Could Talk

if my blog could talk it would say that at this moment i am hungry.
it would say that summer is too hot in el paso, too hot in texas, and just plain too hot.
today could not have really been the first day of summer. it's been summer since may.
it would say that my fb chats with my sister are always funny
my blog would talk you about all the things i don't say.
about past summer nights and new conversations
about wonderings and forgivings and grudges
it would mention that there are moments that even when i'm happy, i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop
don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
it might also talk about stars and the music i've been listening to under them.
it would talk about washington d.c. and kids and some dude i don't know named wally.
it would talk about dinners and pizza's and bandeja's paisa attempted while having sunday soccer sunday.
mexican food will always be the winner.
it would tell you about boxing and the scraped knuckles i have and almost wanting to yack from working out so hard.
it would talk about how i am hesitating on working on my thesis because i have to swim in a pool of memories i only want to dip my toe in at times.
last it would tell you that i'm smiling right now. and right now is all that matters.

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