Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Need for Chaos

The sky is clear as glass. A bright, blue, technicolor vivid. Below, it's mirrored reflection bounces on and on in the infinite blue of the water. The trees embracing the lake, stand still, towering guards. The bottle neck opening provides the only open space from the endless branches, leaves, and acorns interweaved tightly together. A canopy of life and green and earth.


The steps of a stranger interrupt. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.The dead animal soles echo.
He walks to the edge of the lake and stares. Brown eyes attempting to take in all the blue.
He looks at the trees, the water, the sky, and yells.

Loud. Hard. The scream bursting out from the center of his body, out of his mouth opened wide. Stretched to the seams of where his lips meet. About to stretch apart if they could. His stomach slowly sinking in on itself as all the air vacates his body. It goes on. Long. Deafening, until he can't breath. Till the scream turns into a hoarse whisper and only his mouth his open wide, gaping, at nothing.



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