Thursday, February 21, 2013


no text, or poem, or short story blurb, just me. 
me who is tired of writing a thesis i just want to be over with
me who is already tired of moving
me who needs some space 
me who is tired of people opinions, because really they just tell you what they would do, 
me who is starting a new adventure
me who eloped, because, well because yes
me who sometimes has trouble letting go of people and 
me who sometimes lets go too easily. 
stubborn, unforgiving, with standards some can't live up to

i sit an office in a warehouse, trying to write about a life that i have a hard time remembering and sometimes just don't want to remember. 

"You're just scared," He said last night. 
and that's just it, i think He is right. 
me who needs to face & let go of people and things and junk, and put it in a box
not to have it fester later, 
but to just deal with it and be done, with them, it, all of it. 

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