Friday, October 3, 2014

We Are Not Alone in Our Loss

Last week a friend's sister died suddenly. He was flying home the next day to say good-bye. His good-bye's were instead said to us sitting on a balcony with fall winds creeping all around. His words although beautiful did not warm us, but only made us feel his cold loss as if we too had lost a sister that night.

"Somos familia. Somos un circulo," he said gesturing with his Modelo.

We nodded as the somber night shifted, and we laughed as if nothing had happened. Only in moments did we remember. When there was a lull and someone quickly moved to break the silence.

His girlfriend, sat stoically, face smooth as she took drags off her cigarette, but her eyes gave her heart away.

The next day one of the circle posted this on Facebook:
"Ayer fue un día muy triste y muy dulce. Partió de este mundo la hermana de alguien a quien mucho amamos. Entonces hicimos lo que se debe hacer en esos momentos, los seis que somos nos sentamos a charlar, reír, llorar, brindar porque aún en los peores momentos no se está solo. Nunca se está solo."

In loss, it's important not to be alone. Unfortunately, the older we become we are never alone in our losses, but it is always nice to know that we are a part of a circle. That we are beautiful. That we are loved.

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