Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things I Learned This Semester

1. I need time to write.
2. My students don't read and would rather ask me questions.
3. I am a high energy person, but with so much on my plate I became a slug with little patience.
4. Even when I think I'm dropping multiple balls or not getting it done, people can't tell and/or it's still more effort than most.
5. I need time to write.
6. I remember things about psychology that I thought I had forgotten.
7. I relearned American History as I taught a French golf student athlete about it.
8. I don't like grading papers.
9. I like helping people. Motivating. I hope inspiring.
10. I need time to write.
11. I have to learn to say, "NO!"
12. My husband is a patient man.
13. I miss my friends.
14. All work and no play makes Yasmin a dull girl.
15. I need time to write.
16. I need time to read.
17. I cannot control everything, but it doesn't stop me from trying.
18. Sometimes the only person I should worry about is me and say "Fuck it" to things, people, email, texts,,,
19. Your body fights back when you put too much strain on it in odd ways. Nausea. Knots in your back. Cramps.
20. I need time to write.

I learned some difficult things not only about myself but about others this semester. Right now, I'm not quite sure how I feel. It's a cross between numb, exhausted, and anxiety I'm forgetting something. But in a week and half, I will be disconnected and surrounded by silence, green, lush mountains, and and endless amount of time to finally do what I want.

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