Thursday, September 10, 2015

Because Life Happens

I like lists. I make them to have the satisfaction of crossing things off once I've completed the task. The lists range from simple tasks like "go to grocery store" to "finish story". I write things down, I have an app called Color Note, which has fallen by the wayside for good old paper and pen, and I have specialized lists for things like the grocery store. Lists make my life complete, at least I think.

For the past month, on my list there has been "post on blog" and each time I think, "I'll do it right now." In this case a list has not helped me. The sad part about it is, that I've missed my posts. I miss my inner Carrie Bradshaw voice talking and mussing about things. So the questions is, why haven't I made time?

1. I had family in from Colombia for three weeks.
2. I took a vacation to Phoenix.
3. I got new wonderful job I'm elated to have.
4. I've been trying to work on my chapbook a (tiny) moment in time and revisions for my manuscript Por Un Amor at the same time.
5. I have read books (Lunch in Paris- Elizabeth Bard, Queen of the Fall-Sonja Livingston, Twitching Heart-Matt Mèndez, Island of Bones-Joy Castro) even though I couldn't complete my summer reading challenge list.
6. I fell on my bike, Sandra Dee.
7. I got a new bike I named Sandra Dee.
8. I have missed my friend Sarah.
9. I have finished a class and started a new semester with 100+ students.
10. I have let life happen.

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