Monday, January 24, 2011

Work in Progress...

Channel 28 EmilyTV
               It had been another night of drinking and partying with her friends. It was late and she and Derek sat in his mid-sized studio apartment. They sat on his black leather sofa and talked. She wasn’t sure how everyone had ended up leaving. She reached for another cigarette before putting out the one already to the nub in her hand then eyed the small mound of powder still on the coffee table. Usually everyone stayed till it was gone. Derek kept twirling his drink in his hand making the ice dance in the honey colored glass and talking to her. She nodded and made appropriate interested sounds, but if Derek had played closer attention he would have seen that Emily was not really quite there. She seemed to be looking everywhere else but his face. If had taken the time to look in the mirror and notice his drawn clammy face he wouldn’t have been trying so hard to finally bag Emily.  
                Emily always thought Derek was cute when they started the night out. With his dirty blond hair that was always a little too long, it seemed to beg for her hand to run through it, but at the end of the night she was always grasping at the earlier perceptions of cute.  Was it his blue eyes? She would look but see that they were already too glassy to be the reason why. She moved her jaw from left to right left to right then inhaled deeply off her cigarette. The dryness in her mouth was getting problematic so she asked for water.
                “You don’t wanna drink?” Derek said shaking his.
                Emily simply shook her head, and inhaled again letting the smoke hit the back of her throat before inhaling. He walked to the kitchen still talking. In fact, he didn’t stop talking the entire time he was getting the water.
                “You know? I mean of course you know. But when Jeff is like that, it’s just too much, you know? I don’t know what happens, but after awhile. .. Did you want ice? Well I figure you did so I already added some, here you go,” he handed her the glass, “What were we talking about?” Emily opened her mouth as if to answer, but changed her mind as he cleared his throat and began talking again. “Wanna another hit?”
He held the straw up to her and she simply nodded. Before she leaned down she was careful to exhale slowly so she wouldn’t blow the white particles out of the thick line he had cut for her.  At the last minute she switched the straw to her left hand, the last time she’d done a line her right nostril ached. She snorted deeply and came up holding the side of her nose down , tilting her head back, then gave a little shake of her head brown hair falling into her face as she continued to sniff. When she looked back at Derek she jumped back slightly as she took in the fact that he was sitting next to her now.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. Thought you’d seen me,” he rested the meaty thickness of his palm against her knee. “I’m glad you stayed, that you let the others leave. With everything that’s been going on I didn’t want you to think that, well, that I hadn’t noticed.” The clammy heat of his hand seemed to be branding her.
He stopped talking and reached toward the table and ran the index finger of his other hand along the surface before leaning back towards her.  She stared as he paused finger near her face then  he pushed his finger between her lips. She stared into his eyes and then began to suck. She couldn’t taste his finger but only felt the instant numbness. When she was done he replaced his finger with his mouth and began to kiss her. Emily closed her eyes and tried to imagine the Derek from earlier in the night, the Derek she had come to see, and it would have worked if both of their mouths weren’t so dry and noisy. They continued to kiss, Emily with her eyes shut, Derek with his hands on her thin body. Their clothes came off quickly with jerky movements not made from passion. When Emily was completely nude Derek spread her legs and pushed himself against her. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at him and asked, “Is everything?” she trailed off at the end.
“Yeah, yeah of course Em, it’s just you know all the blow, I’ll not at full capacity, but it’ll still be good.”
Their clammy bodies were pushed against each other on the grey circular couch. Her butt was beginning to bend into the crack of the cushion. She felt hot and sticky, and she could feel the half hard penis trying to push inside of her. She closed her eyes again. 

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