Saturday, January 1, 2011

a toast for the douche bags...

this is my first blog of the new year. typically, i've always dreaded new year's eve. today, i dreaded new year's eve. something about the day makes my skin crawl. i have this image of over-exaggerated smiles pasted on fuzzy drunken faces, loud laughing girls who wear too much make-up, and the drunken souls wandering around the sloppy masses hoping to find a  person to share a midnight kiss with.

somewhere along the line new year's eve became associated with these images in my head. how? i'm not quite sure. and although today didn't quite work out the way it was planned i had probably one of the most pleasant new year's i've had in quite awhile. tonight was a good night. a good night filled with witty jabs and laughter, spilled drinks, and dirty jokes about holes. there was a contained rambunctious ambiance to the night. laughs were had and drinks were drank. of course there were additional people that i wished i could have shared the evening with, but there will be other evenings, other laughter, other drinks, and other kisses at midnight.

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