Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Free Fallin'

today i purchased tickets to see the one and only Tom Petty. Tom Petty people! 

okay perhaps i'm a little more excited than i should be, but i feel i need to stress the obsession i have with live music. i don't just like seeing musicians i love it. there is something beautiful and lovely from the beginning of that day to the end. 

the day of the show has a certain buzz to it. whether i'm driving to another city or seeing someone local, there is a moment where the momentum of the buzz grows, a halo of electric excitement encompasses me and grows as the clock ticks closer to the time i step into the venue. even when i know that traffic and parking will inevitably be difficult, this is the only time i revel in the complications of a plethora of individuals all heading in the same direction. the pied piper is calling and we all heard the tune. 

i want to stand in a crowd of people and sing and move until there is slick moisture covering my body. i want to sing out and join the choir of people as they all sing as off tune as i am, but we still sound wonderful when the singer holds the mic out toward the masses. i want to turn and smile at strangers as they turn and smile at me when the song that we love comes on and we sing even louder and more off tune than we were before. and, at the end, the end when my screams have become hoarse and i feel the euphoria of a magical moment the last song will come on as they come back out on stage after our pleads of " JUST ONE MORE". and they'll play. they'll play even when they feel exhausted because we've taken everything they have for night. 

as i walk out with my friends, the people that shared that musically induced high, we'll be slightly deaf as if under water, but we'll smile because no other words need to be spoken.

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