Thursday, February 16, 2012


Last night I went to see an old friend spin at Soho, a lounge nestled in downtown El Paso. Three different dj's worked their magic and although I might be biased, I knew that Sam Groove would be my favorite. Before he went on, a girl was doing her thing, bass heavy, reminiscent of club days at Vertigo's in Juarez, MX, which to its own token still had my feet moving, the slow ease of Sam's set is more my style.

Last night in a nutshell:

and blue lights flashing across dimmed lights

Bass beats sprinkled lightly across strummed guitar strings

seducing, lulling, until we bob in unison

dancing, twisting, sinuously

to the beat

the beat

the beat

the beat that seduces our feet

To Listen Click Below:

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