Wednesday, February 8, 2012


     almost done. almost done. almost done. 

protein shake
     it's not that bad

phone call
    "What are you doing? Wanna go to breakfast?"

    "If you were to create a bouquet made of flowers you picked from the side of the road, it is possible that you might find bees, ants, and other six-legged creatures among your creation. For some people, the beauty of the flowers would far outweigh the risk of stowaway insects. You have a choice to to make now, Aries. You can choose something beautiful that may come with a few small inconveniences, or you can do without. The stars are now encouraging you to find the beauty and overlook the rest.

     "I need to buy some cute stockings for my "freak em" dress. and suggestions on where? Dillards?

grocery story
     doesn't anybody work? where did all these fuckin people come from?

    "Smashed potatoes for tonite or what do you think? What time are we meeting?"

    "I wanted love. I needed love, most of allllll...."
     please don't speak to me


    which one is softer? will i finally get some un-medicated sleep?

    "lol. :) they're relaxing, enjoying walmart. :)"

    cool breeze and sunshine against my hand

put away groceries
     hurry hurry hungry hungry


tax preparation
     paper and more paper

    when i clean i have no thoughts it keeps my mind still. when i clean i have no thoughts it keeps my          mind still.

   "Your recent ponderings, even though i'm not skilled at healthy relationships, i think you're making a rookie mistake in the "i have feelings" context.

UTEP blackboard
      reading Tio Fish
      okay a girls on a ledge married to a gay Indian guy, and then?
      why does there always have to be tension can't a story just be a moment? just a moment...

  "Do you happen to have any limes? I have everything but"

  "fyi i'm coming in my very comfi clothes. o sea, all floja"

phone call
    "What are you doing?"

6 o'clock
     dinner prep commences 

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