Wednesday, March 7, 2012

black & white

The day is crisp, the shade makes you shiver, but bathed in sunlight you're a glow with the fast approaching spring. 

We strolled slowly down the rows of merchants, tables filled with southwestern jewelry, candied corn, and eerie t-shirts with pale Tim Burton like characters and Frankenstein's wife. The brick road is narrow and we are in an older part of downtown Las Cruces, NM. Forty-five minutes away and everything turns turquoise and adobe. The air feels nicer, the bit of humidity hugs you, and your skin, thirsty, drinks it up.

Past the incense stand with bottles of Jager turned into holders we see two performers, a girl with two spoons, and a boy with a ukulele. They sing to the on lookers and passerby. Their voices sweet, compliment one another so well, that I feel myself smiling and moving slightly to a beat and words I don't know. I toss all the coins I have into a blue velvet hat on the ground. Before I walk on I snap a picture. A boy, a girl, spoons and a ukulele. 

Folk Singers Playing Farmer's Market Las Cruces, NM

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