Saturday, March 3, 2012

el amor es como la heroina

today i heard a phrase. a friend read these words. her words. lovely poignant words read  in a soft tone that was warm and lulling, even though the phrase had a stark harshness to it.

"el amor es como la heronia"

i kept rolling it around in my mind like a caramel, slow melting, savoring.

"el amor es como la heronia"

el amor si es como la heroina. es algo fuerta, adictivo, poderoso

but it's supposed to be good. our addictions to love is good. we all want it and its okay, even when we suffer the consequences of heartbreak.

even when the ache of strong hands against your naked skin burns with memory....


  1. Is that love or lust? Maybe both...I'm not sure that we can tell where one ends the other begins. Damn addiction!