Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dallas Part I

tomorrow i will be in dallas. my second home, to see my second family.

i want to

hug jeffrey
hug michael
have them drop something so i can pick it up since i'm closer
have margs, and margs, and margs
shop at nordstrom
on the border with mariah
laugh hysterically with mariah
sushi zushi
enjoy the gayborhood on easter sunday/my bday
sit by the pool saturday afternoon
drive around see the city
breathe in the humidity
sit on a patio
enjoy pappaduex
sing karaeke at bab's
walk around bishop arts with my boys
eat taco bell with jeffrey on the couch and watch bad tv
hang out in my old stomping grounds
be annoyed that amy is not there
sing a country song
enjoy my family there as much as possible

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