Friday, April 13, 2012


i woke. i didn't know why, but grew conscious  in the change of my breathing, a change that had not yet occurred in the blurry figure next to me. i blinked, listened to the even sound of his breath, in and out, in and out, a light snore punctuating the end of each exhale. i didn't want to move. if i moved the moment would be over. what this moment was I wasn't sure, but i drank in the details. the curling hair on the nape of his neck, the small brown mole on his ear, the texture of his skin, taunt. his back moved with each inhale naked against me. my arm twitched, wanting to move, but i breathed in deeply and refrained. my breath louder to me now that it moved at a quicker pace, echoing in the brightly sunlit room. even in my stillness something was noted by him though, and he began to shift. don' turn, not just yet. i wound my arm around him, my hand against the warmth of his stomach, his back pressed against my breasts. he pulled at my hand with his, we were looped, my arm stiffened, hesitant, then relaxed. breathe

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