Thursday, January 30, 2014

High School Doesn't End When You Graduate

Today I subbed for P.E. at a local high school and I noticed something as I watched the boys playing basketball. I noticed that our adult lives are simply a continuation of high school. Five boys played on the court. Two tried to dribble and finally ended up kicking the ball back and forth on the other end of the court. One sat in an aluminum chairs off to the side and played with his phone. Later, when another class joined mine, girls sat on the sidelines and text while giggling. A hipster kid sat on the sidelines with the world tuned out as giant black headphones hugged his head. Everyone had their place, and I realized that as we get older we still have our place, some of us just become more comfortable in them while others spend their life trying to outgrow the shadow of who they were.

Sometimes when it comes down to it, we are just the mean girl, nerdy guy, jock, douche, brown noser, stoner. Look around at all your friends, what group would you be? What about your coworkers? Once you look around you'll see the similarities. (You know that girl who pretends to be nice at work was a mean girl in high school)

As I watched the kids playing, not playing, it was easy to see who was "cool" who was "stoned" I even saw an obvious "slutty girl" as she pranced around the edges of the basketball court trying to capture one of the players attention, (We all know that girl too), and I wondered: Where is the reality show of adults back in a high school situation and why hasn't been created? It would be interesting to see everyone fall back into old behaviors.

And finally I can't not ask this. Not to get all Breakfast Club, but which one are you?

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