Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghost of Christmas Past

A year ago this would have been me. . . Ghost of Christmas Past via facebook. . . 

"Hurrah! 2 more days till Christmas!"

"Day 7, DING! Is it bad that my feet already hurt and I just put my shoes on??"

"Seriously that I'm waiting to exit the parking garage? Where are the traffic cops when you need them?"

"I swear 7 hrs ago I was just leaving work! its gonna be a great day! Happy Holidays!"

"just leaving work and gotta be back in 8 hrs! tis the "bleep'n" season!"

"busy busy busy at the mall!"

"today is the last Saturday to shop before Christmas! It's gonna be a crazy-ass day!"

"Been home 20 min. Already on #2 glass of wine."

"6 shopping days left! I wonder if people know that christmas comes on the same day every year."

"It's way too early! Damn holiday hours!!"

"So, tired feet hurt..."

"Why do people wait till the last min? 12 hrs on shift and counting..."

and on and on and on and on. .. . 

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