Sunday, December 12, 2010

Technicolor Rainbow

when i was small i used to watch old movies from the 50's. i began with black & white's and eventually got sucked into the comedic life of I Love Lucy on Nick at Nite. in fact, my family used to joke that Nick at Nite was my dad... there was something i always found so great about those movies and shows. the endings were always better than the current shows on, the clothes were better, and the whole world just seemed happier.

the first movie i saw in technicolor was The Wizard of Oz. after seeing it in black & white on previous occasions seeing it in technicolor was amazing, even for me who had grown up with color television. the technicolor was bright the color's more vibrant. i was entranced! later watching other movies in the magical technicolor i saw just how fabulous the clothes really were, how shiny and slick the mens hair looked, and how bright everyones smile were. i was in love with technicolor Rock Hudson. i was in love with the technicolor bathing suits in Gidget. well, as i'm sure it has become obvious i was in love with technicolor. 

today i was thinking about the things that make up our lives. defining moments, moments that will never be forgotten, and missed moments that leave you with regrets. i thought about some of those moments for myself and visualized myself going back and forth between black & white and technicolor, a little like the film Pleasantville, and i thought about how if i had to choose, i would rather live my life in technicolor than black & white. how do you do that though... when the people that matter, and for yourself, how do you keep from fading into black & white and how can real life compare to the technicolor brilliance?

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